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1.10: Selling Price

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Of all the objections sales people hear in the run of a day, price is often the most common one and usually the most difficult one to handle. In practice, price is rarely the true outstanding issue. When you don’t know much about what you are buying, you buy price. Part of your job as a sales professional is to educate clients about what they pay for when they buy your product or services.

In this lesson, you will think about the pros and cons of selling price.

Selling Price

The greater the cost of the product, the higher up the company ladder you have to go to make the sale. This means that you have to get comfortable working through the organization and finding your qualified buyer.

Don’t use a low price come-on to get yourself in the door. When you promote price, you attract low-price buyers. When we ask customers what really satisfies them, they tell us that it is not related to the lowest price of a product, but the relationship (and frequent contact) they have with the seller.

Remember that you are approaching customers using a customer focus. Approach them with the benefits of what you sell, and look at the value added features that you could be offering.