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Operate and take care of equipment in an office (114976)

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Office materials that are improperly stored can lead to objects falling on workers, poor visibility, and create a fire hazard. A good housekeeping program will reduce or eliminate hazards associated with improper storage of materials. Examples of improper storage include disorderly piling, piling materials too high, and obstructing doors, aisles, fire exit sand fire-fighting equipment.

The following are good storage practices:

  • Boxes, papers, and other materials should not be stored on top of cupboards or file cabinets because they can cause landslide problems. Boxes and cartons should all be of uniform size in any pile or stack. Always stack material in such a way that it will not fall over.
  • Store heavy objects on lower shelves.
  • Try to store materials inside cabinets, files, and cupboards.
  • Office equipment such as typewriters, index files, lights or calculators should not be placed on the edges of a desk, filing cabinet, or table.
  • Aisles, corners, and passageways must remain unobstructed. Materials should not be stacked in these areas.
  • Storage areas should be designated and used only for that purpose. Store heavy materials so you do not have to reach across something to retrieve them.
  • Fire equipment, extinguishers, fire door exits, and sprinkler heads should remain unobstructed. Materials should be at least 50cm away from sprinkler heads.