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Ready To Sign Up For The Entrepreneurial Ideas & Opportunities Course?

This unit standard-aligned course will give you the foundation you need to get that business idea off the ground

What You Will Learn...

Module 1 - Describe and discuss entrepreneurship

10 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module 2 - Identify own entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses in relation to opportunity identified

3 Lessons

Module 3 - Identify the characteristics of a typical entrepreneur

3 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module 4 - Identify entrepreneurial opportunities in own context

5 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module 5 - Compile entrepreneurial goals and personal growth plan.

7 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Register For Our 4-Week Online Course in Entrepreneurial Ideas & Opportunities

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Sign Up For Only R299

Learn how to put your business idea onto paper and consider all the important opportunities to make your business a success. Learn from a business coach who has been there and done that!

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Complete The 4 Week Online Course

We know your time is limited and you only need around 2 to 3 hours per week to complete the course, but you are welcome to study it self-paced. We will be having monthly Q&A sessions which you can attend.

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Certificate & Community Support Built In

New Oaks College has a built in community for you to showcase your progress and talk to your study peers. Your Coach will also set up groups and assist you with any queries you have regarding the course.