gap year cape town

It makes us very proud of our accomplishment after their studies at the new oaks campus gap year cape town. This is why we were so happy when we received the. following post from one of our classmates, Thsidiso Tsie, on Facebook: “Thanxes in new schools in Oaks [My college] was given to the Ministry. of Justice in Free State [My path] and my course [my training] was transferred. to the Ministry of Justice in the Free State.” He has completed course of Compliance. with preventive insurance and risk preparation, where he does employment at the Department of Justice. (currently he works with a private protection company).

gap year cape town

“I was named as a Control room director, which means I’m in charge of the protection service.” Thsidiso even spoke to us as to the role of his education when. searching for jobs and how his study provided him the qualifications he needed to actually be working in. Thside: “I was designated for Magistrates Courts in the Justice Department. I have the [I needed] CCTV from the school. ‘And Thsidiso ‘s success tale doesn’t end there. Thsidiso wishes huge as someone who ever achieved anything. Thsidiso responded,’ Working in this organization as Assistent Manager or Administrator. when he asked where he was going to find himself in ten years ‘ time. And there is a certain interest in this field.

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“Thsidiso has talked positively to us regarding both options and opportunities in the security business.” I hope it’s what I should do. When questioned what he has for other students who wished to handle protection. he said: “There are some opportunities in the company. I would encourage them to transform this sector into a career. work is not the only thing that can be done. We cannot only rely on ‘I have graduated from sixth or tenth grade.’ we have to learn management and you can get called to do the right thing.’


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