Gap Year Experience Cape Town: It’s a chance to learn what’s there before you decide on your future profession and education. It is more time to work on this project when you study. This is an opportunity to learn about the actual globe outside a classroom’s four walls. This is a way for you to get out of your comfort area and learn about your own natural skills. It’s your shot to look at the globe before selecting where you want to stay and advance in the next couple of years.


More and more traditional universities support the many advantages of a split year. Harvard, renowned, sends letters to learners after accepting them, advising parents to consider putting off their children’s education and encouraging them to take a year’s break from college. The formal reason for this is Harvard’s belief that today’s learners are under too great a pressure, and that greatness is not because they imitate others, but because they know themselves, follow their interests, and play their particular strengths. Taking a break year enables secondary school graduates to construct on all three of these success factors.

Do I have to take a GAP YEAR?

You might be very happy to take a gap year but still, have a few doubts about the gap year statistics research undertaken by the American Gap Association. It showed that about 85 percent of learners with a gap year recommended it to others, that 88 percent took a gap year after high school and that 89 percent of the learners with a gap years at high school returned to school and that 86 percent of the learners with a gap year were happy or very satisfied with their employment. They also discovered that most learners take a gap year after high school and before high school. A much lower part of the group takes its break during university, and an even lower part takes its break year after graduation or university.

Gap Year Experience Cape Town:

Teach disadvantaged children to surf.

This is one way to get up and move on a surfboard when you have something on the backburner. There are a few programs that teach you to surf in a few days in locations such as Muizenburg. You teach kids to surf, snorkel and walk-in return.

Work with animals

Many projects consistently need volunteers to work with endangered birds, large cats, monitoring of big whites, horse rehabilitation, etc. If it’s your thing to keep animals safe, walk among birds, walk across a reservation to see Zebra, Giraffe or Buck, this is your gap year.

Teach children to read or help out at a township nursery school

Teaching kids to read or help out in a township kindergarten Several initiatives in the society need volunteers to teach poor kids how to read or spend time with school children to teach them lessons in our city. Someone like Gadventures organizes voluntary offshore tours through Africa volunteering for ongoing community initiatives.

Join Action Aid

Who is specifically responsible for volunteer community building in South Africa, Malawi, Nepal, and Cambodia.


Wwoofing works on organic farms in return for food and accommodation both at home and overseas. It is a wonderful way to find out whether your concept of organic vegetables grown on a farm is as romantic as it sounds. And it’s fit for you, safe and out of doors.

Live in Kibbutz

Learn Hebrew while volunteering for 3-10 months in a Kittutz (a community of volunteers who live and work together to assist farm) in Israel. You will receive food and accommodation in exchange.


Do you want to create a difference in your society? Volunteer your assistance Community service could then be the perfect break for the year. You can assist with projects from technology to environmental care or even help to write abilities for kids in different groups. Contact your local councilor or community center for information on whether you can use it.

Teach English Overseas

Embrace different cultures first-hand and exchange your cultural identity with others. Many countries require Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and/or Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificates.

Join a cruise ship

Are you over 1.58 meters high? Then let your career fly by entering the aviation world. The SAA cabin crew program offers the abilities of unemployed youth in the globe of aviation.

Join the Camphill Community

Children, young individuals, and adults with learning disabilities are offered possibilities globally. Most farmers are bio-dynamic or organic and therefore generate goods to raise cash for their society.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Immerse yourself in the underworld and experience it. From Phuket’s tropical greenery to Madagascar’s coral beaches, visit the world’s various coral reefs. It might be just the thing for you to become a scuba diving teacher. Start by improving your swimming and fitness, then take a diving course and search for jobs.

Au Pair

Are you a child and a lover of traveling? Then au pairing could be a great option. Live with your host family as you look after their kids. You can experience distinct cultures while meeting fresh friends as an au pair.

Medical projects

Work with hospitals, clinics or health centers around the globe on different health projects. Contact the domestic health department or your local hospital to see if they are suitable for you.

Mercy Ships

Join the many Christians who go around the world to save lives and look after communities if you are among the faithful. Volunteers undertake medical projects in different poor world societies.

Think about taking a Gap Year Experience in Cape Town today!