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Heidi, a new Oaks College staff member, study online south africa wrote the blog posting today. Thank you, Heidi, for your good thoughts!

I WOLT Will Honor The LIFE Say I MY 16-year-old:

Heidi’s Son

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I should know I’m a good human being, even if no one else asks me for anything. I would have to remind myself that I have to offer or give me cheaply to the planet.


I will remember that I am a good person, but I would also realize that I am the only one that could give me more than I like.


I wouldn’t throw away or even get along with my parents for myself. Eye to eye, though I don’t see them, these disparities don’t merit.


My teachers are, and I understand them, the second-largest people in my life, who teach me moral values and ethics.


I should be mindful of the significance of what others may not trust in me, but what God thinks is important for me.

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I will correctly pick my colleagues. As a teenager, it is necessary to have mates. Nonetheless, my mum was right. And I would be smart to chose from my peers, make me or kill me.


It ‘s important as a hobby to me than a social life, a sport, or something creative. It ‘s important. All of us have received contributions, some of us recognize what they are, some of us also consider them.


I will remind myself also: honor all, because reverence must be displayed.


Eventually, I understand that most of us don’t want to read, but I would like to point out that studying and awareness are important to success.


What are you to do with your 16-year-old child if you have the opportunity?