You Don't Need Anything Else Other Than You, To Start Earning Money!

At New Oaks College, we believe that entrepreneurship is the biggest tool to overcoming unemployment in this country and for people to realise their dreams. So we built the New Oaks College affiliate programme to help you to achieve your life goals. 

For every person who uses your affiliate link and registers for a course, you will recieve R100 commission. We pay you out if your balance is R1000 or more, at the end of each month.

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Sign up to become an affiliate today. It doesn’t cost anything and takes only 30 seconds to sign up. 

Complete the affiliate sign up form

We need your basic details for registration, along with your banking details, so we can pay you out once your balance reaches R1000. You can choose to complete the banking details at a later stage, if you like.

Access your Affiliate Dashboad

Here you can track your sales on a daily basis, copy and share your affiliate link and more.

Watch the Money Roll In

Be sure to share your affiliate link with like-minded individuals who are thinking of starting a business. You get commission everytime someone uses your affiliate link to register for a course.

Join others like you and start achieving your goals in life.


If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here:

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