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1.6: Customer Service

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Customer service, that responsibility we have to provide our customers with what they need and want, can also be looked at through a slightly different lens. Customer service is about the ability to serve.

In this lesson, you will explore what customer service means to your customers. You will also consider the sales experience from their perspective in the next lesson. Thinking about these things from a different angle should help you to become a more empathetic and effective salesperson.

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the way you treat the people who support your company. These can be paying customers (external customers) or staff members (internal customers). The customer’s perception of that service is what brings them back to you for repeated service. Great service is what they cite when they send referrals to you.

People who provide good customer service (regardless of the nature of their business) earn psychological benefits in addition to any rewards offered by their company. If you are unhappy in your job, take an objective look at the kind of service you are giving. In almost every case, your job satisfaction mirrors the satisfaction people feel when doing business with you. Giving poor service is a way of beating up on yourself.

Customer Service

When we make a commitment to serve, we can include the idea of serving our clients and customers, whether they are external or internal. We focus on activities and principles which make strong connections and which complement our sales cycle and the activities which form the basis of customer focused selling. This means looking at what our customer needs before we consider what we, as sales people, want or need from the sale itself.

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